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Honeymoons 3.0 take place on “Game of Thrones” or Woody Allen movies

Weddings in The Throne of Swords are usually not very happy. Often wedding banquets are the scene of brutal murders and bloody deaths, as Robb Stark and Joffrey Baratheon well know. Many married couples, who follow the show on TV, put aside any hesitation and decide to live a honeymoon in the name of the places that characterize the fantasy series. A tendency of our times in which the young husband and wife want to share their common passions.

“Theme trips today are increasingly in demand,” says Jessica Sardella from CartOrange , the largest Italian travel consultant company. “For honeymooners, the honeymoon is not a holiday like any other: it is seen as a unique and special moment in one’s life together”. The result is very special theme itineraries, often inspired by the television and film works that build our imagination. We have selected five alternative honeymoons to get out of the box, away from the usual cruises and walks on the beaches of the Indian Ocean with a cocktail in hand.

In the footsteps of Stark, Lannister and Targaryen

Game of Thrones is a series that also conquers the places where the events of the protagonists are set. The sets of the very rich HBO production are located in different places: from Ireland to Spain, from Iceland to Malta, passing through Croatia. In the latter country, for example, Dubrovnik is found that has seen exponentially increase tourism after being chosen to be the main location of King’s Landing. A honeymoon in the places of Game of Thrones is long, but certainly rewarding. Spending a night in Grande Inverno is a very suggestive experience.

In the New York of Woody Allen

The Big Apple is an open-air set. All of his places have been immortalized in films (we think about Io and Annie or in Manhattan by Woody Allen, in Harry, I present you Sally with Meg Ryan and Billy Cristal) or from TV series with a worldwide success ( Sex and the City , for example) . Who wants to live and relive the places so much admired on the screen is spoiled for choice. We are already ready for a coffee at Central Perk so dear to the six protagonists of Friends .

Vegan honeymoon

According to the latest reports, 3% of Italians follow a vegan diet. Those involved in tourism must be prepared for every type of food requirement. “We need to plan well in advance to look for the structures that provide the right guarantees”, recommends Jessica Sardella from CartOrange. “The best destinations are the Caribbean, equipped to receive vegan customers very present in the neighboring United States, and the East, where the food is traditionally rich in plant proposals”.

Step by step

Marriage is a long journey together in which dedication and attention go hand in hand. To begin with the right foot, many couples decide to tackle their honeymoon journey. The possible destinations for a honeymoon, which makes its main feature slowness, are many: from Peru to Patagonia, from Indonesia to New Zealand. The vision of breathtaking landscapes is guaranteed. For those who stay in Italy there is the opportunity to follow the Via Francigena in Sicily or the Via degli Dei, a route that links Bologna and Florence.

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From Barbagia di Nuoro to Capo Testa: Sardinia in 10 enchanted stages

Archaic landscapes and deserted streets in the presence of the Supramonte, disturbing pagan masks, the highest stalagmites in Europe and a sea of ​​Gaugin paintings. Sardinia, with its millennial traditions, the scented air of berries and aromatic herbs and the cyclopean stones smoothed by the Mistral wind shrouded by turquoise reflections of rare intensity, is a land of extraordinary beauty and rare historical overlaps immersed in harsh and enchanted landscapes .

Strategic docking from the dawn of time and a crossroads of civilization from the Nuragic period onwards, the second Mediterranean island is also a precious collection of archaeological finds, soothing activities in nature, great food and rarefied emerald atmospheres, great luxuries in candid architecture and rounded off just a few steps from the shore. An experiential itinerary; a prestigious two or four-wheel on the road adventure with incipit in Civitavecchia with a car in tow in the belly of the Grimaldi Zeus Palace.

Poetry starts sailing under a star-studded sky and continues in crescendo with the certified stages of this route from the eastern side of Sardinia to the majestic and unrepeatable northern coast. A Barbagia di Nuoro – Capo Testa only going through San Teodoro, the refined Pevero and the Tombe dei Giganti near Arzachena; unique and precious places that reach maximum enjoyment at the end of the high season as in the months of September and October; moment of the year when the beaches are empty, the water is still warm and the hinterland is illuminated by cutting light to announce the autumn.

1: Barbagia on the road

Once you get off the ferry at Olbia proceed for an hour towards the south towards Nuoro until you see the imposing profile of the almost Supramonte dolomite. When the photograms become barren and bucolic, go into the heart of the archaic Barbagia di Nuoro along the SS19 and the SP58 passing through Oliena, Mamoiada, Orgosolo until you reach Fonni in the heart of the Gennargentu ogliastrino. The landscape, nostalgic, seductive, silent and remote among olive trees, gorges, crags and streams born at high altitude among the rocks, appears wild and wild. The roads, not all of impeccable asphalt, are often empty and almost always panoramic with ups and downs in sequence and panoramas contended between the sky, mountains with rounded peaks and a sunny countryside with an ancient flavor and traditions unchanged over the centuries.

2: On Gologone

A name three destinations; source of pure water from the heart of Supramonte to feed the snake Cedrino, one of the best restaurants in central Sardinia but above all jewel of the Italian hotel industry with stories, perfumes, history and stories of Barbagia. The Su Gologone is unusual – as particularly special in terms of charm and references to local traditions – a four-star structure built in typical style in the shadow of the famous mountain plateau. Here, among cacti, geraniums and stylistic vivacity, the colors bring back to the ancient costumes of the nearby Oliena and every element and detail conveys sweet sensations of authenticity. Materials, furniture, objects (bertulas and collanas on all ed) ceramics, paintings and masks located in the common areas and in the halls of the hotel are decorated with craftsmanship, recipes of the memory and territory while the exciting artistic routes, located in the common areas depending on the genre, reach a climax in the suite dedicated to Giuseppe Biasi; one of the greatest interpreters of Sardinian artistic identity.

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EasyJet launches “hands free”: check-in of hand luggage

EasyJet is launching a new service that allows passengers to check in their hand luggage. The “hands free” option – will cost 4 pounds and is designed to encourage people to leave all their parcels in the baggage area before performing security checks.

It is The Independent who reports the news.

the airline said it hopes to give passengers a stress-free travel experience, as they can go for security checks without luggage and will not need to transport suitcases to the airport.

The idea has already been tested this spring in France, and in just four weeks over 9 thousand passengers have chosen to try it. Now “hands free” will be extended to all the airports where the company flies, with the exception of Londoner Gatwick.

Passengers who choose the option will be given small plastic bags to get the essentials and can also bring on the plane the latest purchases made at the airport. They will also be able to embark immediately after those who have purchased priority boarding.

The parcels will receive a priority card and will be taken to the hold. When they reach their destination, the airline makes sure that the “hands free” are among the first to end up on the conveyor belt. Andrew Middleton, under easyJet’s shopping manager, said:

We have seen a fantastic response from customers who have chosen “hands free” and we have faith in the fact that once you try the service you will not want to go around the airport with suitcases in hand.

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That’s why you should think twice before closing the air conditioning vent on the plane

CT2J22 airplane overhead console with air conditioning and lighting system

The air-conditioning vent placed above the passenger seat on the plane does not have an excellent reputation: some close it due to low temperatures, those who believe that they circulate the bacteria present in the cabin and therefore favor contagion of diseases. According to Dr. Mark Gendreau, deputy director of the emergency medicine department at Lahey Medical Center-Peabody and an expert in infectious diseases caused by air travel, the air conditioning outlet plays, on the contrary, to our advantage. At “Travel + Leisure” he explained why we should not be afraid of it .

“The bad reputation of these outlets is completely unfounded,” he said. The fear, according to what reported by the specialist, is given by the lack of proper information on the subject, since there is no research in the last 15 years. Many people therefore ignore its operation.

“The flow of air does not necessarily flow from the end to the start of the plane and vice versa.The conduit is made up of compartments that are found in various sections of the aircraft,” he added. The air circulating inside the cabin is combined with the air outside: the flow passes through a system called HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) , which has the task of removing powders and microbes. The air that is fed into the cabin is therefore clean.

According to what reported by Gendreau, the number of these ventilation zones on the aircraft varies depending on the size of the vehicle, but each of these areas is usually filtered from 15 to 30 times per hour, with 50 for 100 percent of the air cleaned up and recirculated and 50 percent of the air coming from the outside.

The doctor then revealed another curiosity: the system was developed when smoking on aircraft was allowed. At the time, the airlines had to have an efficient filtering and ventilation system to clean the cabins from smoke.

The ventilation, moreover, would contribute, contrary to what is believed, to keep bacteria away: by opening the air vent and setting it to a medium or low power, it is as if we create an invisible barrier around us that can hinder the passage of microbes. The air intake is, therefore, an ally, not an enemy to ward off.

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Learning a language while traveling is essential and rewarding. I have always loved foreign languages. As a child, it was for me a way to travel before the hour and a mirror on the cultures . I do not really know why, but as soon as I started learning English , it was a kind of click and I became gifted, already reading English books in college (yes, I partly learned the language thanks Harry Potter). And then, I did German, Latin, Japanese and Swedish, some learning more successful than others …

I have always loved languages ​​and when you know a foreign language, learning a new one is certainly easier. On paper, I was good in English, but I had not really had the chance to test my abilities on the field with natives or travelers. To be good in a language in a class and to be good in language while traveling , it is not really the same thing … Then, I had the chance to study one year in Sweden. The beginnings were not easy and shyness helping, I stammered my English more than anything else. I quickly met two Hong Kongese, one Argentina, one French, one Romanian, one German and many others and with them, it became immediately easier. Friendship, total immersion far from the French and the French pushed me to speak English without stuttering. A year later, I returned bilingually, without a hint of recognizable French accent. Of course, my subsequent travels to Canada and the UK have helped me keep the level.

When I went around the world, I spoke only English. I had vaguely learned some Spanish on online applications, sites and podcasts, but concretely, landing in South America, I could only say “Hola” and “Gracias”. I still remember my arrival at the Colombian border, where I did not understand anything and where I had wondered what I had come to do here. It took me a month in Colombia to stammer a little tongue and three months in South America to have a good foundation. I know that I have facilities, but it is also important to make efforts to learn a language while traveling!

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Remember, I recently told you about my stopover in Dubai and I shared with you my thoughts on this strange country. I also mentioned that by opening my eyes, we could see another Dubai , a Dubai that I liked and touched, with art, history and culture in its heart.

f we think of Dubai, we do not immediately think about culture . On the contrary, we think present, future, money, bling-bling, etc. My first impressions confirmed that. Yet, by scratching the surface, going beyond the clichés, we can see another Dubai, a Dubai that tries to bring culture and art to the center of his concerns and this, in many ways. This seems to be one of the priorities of the government and private companies for the years to come. It is really inspiring to see this cultural scene develop as well. Even if, despite everything, money and appearances always have their place.

Fairs and festivals

Festivals and other events come together in an incredible whirlwind in Dubai and the cultural agenda is already full in the months and years leading up to the 2020 World Expo . I had the chance to visit two of these international fairs: Design Days , an international design fair for artists from the Middle East and around the world; and Art Dubai , the Middle East’s largest contemporary art fair showcasing artists from around the world and the Middle East. This year, a very interesting parallel was drawn between the art of South America and that of the Arab world, creating imaginary and real bridges between these two worlds. Dubai Artis more than a fair: it’s an event spanning several weeks, mixing editing, performance, video, sound, education, painting, sculpture, design and much more.

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Best places to stay in NYC

A large number of travelers visit the New York City every year, and most of them go there for a long haul. If you are a tourist or a person that finds a job in this hell busy city, then we have something for you to solve your residence issue. In this piece of writing, we will discuss some the best places to stay while your travel to this mesmerizing city. Given below is the list of the hotels that we love to suggest as some of the best places to stay.

The Moderne
If you are thinking about choosing the hotel according to the brand, then wait and read the information below. Although international hotels have their name for the top-class standards and facilities, you can find it in any good hotel. Moreover, the international hotels like Hilton tend to be more crowded and stuffed with guests all the time. Skip the Hilton and walk a few blocks. The moderene is the place you want to stay, as it offers both the sightseeing including Rockefeller center, central park and MoMA and intimacy akin to Hilton. The hotel has been renovated in 2011 and thus provides a fresh vibe to the visiting guest.

Eventi Hotel
On the walking distance from Madison Square and Empire state building find the comfort and hospitality at its best. The Eventi offers the guest extraordinarily luxurious and spacious rooms with all the luxuries. Furthermore, sooth your aesthetic senses with the fascinating art and designs in the corridors and lobby. This is not it the hotel also offers the free wines hours at the night and an exclusive farm to site restaurant to enjoy the fresh produce.

Sanctuary hotel
If you a more like a fun-loving individual then sanctuary hotel would be your choice from the list. The property offers you a touch of the posh hotel without being overstuffed with furniture and other items. There is the facility of free Wi-Fi and free breakfast for the guest. Moreover, you can get the free passes to the equinox as well. While your stay in the hotel enjoys the Buddhist-inspired art and its intimacy to the Times Square.

Hugo Hotel
Enjoy the rooftop view of the river Hudson from the Hugo hotel while enjoying your rink from the mini bar. The hotel is the best choice if you are much into the aesthetics and hospitality of the hotel. With excellent marble and woodwork and amazing chandeliers in the lobby, the hotel offers a much more classy and luxurious place to make your stay more comfortable and memorable. You can enjoy locally made Fork Potato Chips and Hudson Whiskey during your stay.
Choosing a place to live is a tough call while traveling abroad. However, with the proper guide and knowledge regarding the area, you can save not only your time but also your money. To get the details regarding the taxes and other service charges, you can contact the tax service NYC and then plan accordingly.

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Because I am curious, I am ready to go anywhere in the world. Of course, I still have some preferences. We can not say that Dubai was at the top of my  list , on the contrary. I told myself that I will probably stop there one day, without really thinking about organizing a vacation. The opportunity came much earlier than expected, as I was invited by Visit Dubai for a four-day stopover in the city.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates and is the best known of them. It is also the name of its capital. They will welcome in 2020 the Universal Exhibition. Several people asked me before my departure if it did not bother me politically to go to such a country. I have never allowed my political opinions to hinder my travels. Even if the blog is not the place for such debates, I think it’s important to go somewhere to learn more about a country’s situation and judge for yourself. I am not at all an expert on the situation in the UAE and it was definitely not during a press trip that I could have a complete and clear picture of it. However, I would like with this article, to give you my raw and uncensored impressions ofmy stopover in Dubai .

To land in Dubai, stopover, on vacation or expatriation, is to set foot in another world, in a parallel universe, in his wildest dreams. I can only remember this brief stopover in Doha, Qatar, where from the windows of a bus and a hotel, I had glimpsed a world so strange, which left me perplexed. In Dubai, from the windows of the bus that brings us to the hotel, I am completely amazed by the buildings, cars and passersby parading before our eyes. Is all this real?

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The desert … a word carrying dreams and adventures. I had never had the opportunity to tread the sand of a desert. This dream finally came true when I took part in an excursion in the desert of Dubai . This is one of the favorite activities of tourists going to Dubai and they are right … In just 45 minutes drive, you can find yourself in the desert, so why deprive yourself during a stopover in Dubai .

After a cultural day in Old Dubai , we go on an excursion. A minivan picks us up and we leave the city. I am overwhelmed by the sight that passes in front of me. We leave little by little the big city and we find ourselves very quickly in a beginning of desert. The sand surrounds the highway, dilapidated huts appear here and there and herds of camels walk slowly with their master. Welcome to another world …

The adventure takes place in a desert reserve in Dubai established in 2003. Vintage 1950’s Land-Rover, a legacy of the country, are waiting for us. The group of forty people is far too big for my taste, but cars drive a good distance and stop at different places to let us enjoy the desert. A fence marks the entrance to the reserve. On the right, the city that can still be glimpsed. On the left, the immensity of the desert. The jeeps engage on the dunes and I can only admire the beauty of the horizon, this infinity of sand and bush. Two stops allow us to enjoy the place, to feel the sand under our feet, to descend the dunes at full speed, to jump for photos. It’s too short: I’ll stay there, lying on the sand, for several hours … Meanwhile, it’s a kind of mini-safari that we start and the jeeps rush at full speed on the dunes for a small moment of adrenaline (and sand in the eyes) very nice! We see the passage of beautiful oryx.

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Health, Safety and Visas in Antarctica

For all official information on health, security and visas in Antarctica, as usual, go to diplomatie.gouv . For our part, he was asked to have an entry permit or a visa for Argentina and that’s it. At Port Lockroy you can receive a stamp of Antarctica in your passport!

Do not forget to take a travel insurance that covers this type of trip, especially if you do adventurous activities and insurance that covers repatriation. The cruiser will not let you board anyway if you do not have one. It is important not to go to Antarctica blindly, because by the time the rescue arrives, you will only depend on your own means and that of the boat. Antarctica is a dangerous and hostile territory and it is important to be fully aware of it. Do not forget that the conditions are extreme in Antarctica. It is important to think about the danger of crevasses, the fact that care is basic on site, extreme winds, the power of the sun through the ozone layer and the cold.
I use  Chapka travel insurance for three years, for my world tour, my PVT, my nomadic life, my holidays … It will cover you perfectly for your trip to Antarctica (except for camping, but no insurance covers this) . To purchase insurance, click hereand to discover the insurance comparisons for traveling around the world, it’s here .
Remember to read the Antarctic Visitor Guidelines and follow them.
If you do polar diving, camping or other activities, you may be asked to sign a document. It’s better to be able to swim for a polar dive, even if you’re hanging with a small rope and being aware of health hazards.

Should I be athletic to travel to Antarctica?

It’s not a necessity, but you still have to like walking and getting used to moving. I was not a big sportsman at the time, but I walked every day since the beginning of my world tour, and this for three months before this trip to Antarctica. There were hard times, when I struggled, especially when climbing in the powder, but I persevered, I was at my pace and I managed to go everywhere and to do everything, even overweight !
Some, too tired at the end of the trip, did not make all the outings to take a nap and I think it’s a mess!
Train before you go, walk, contact your doctor if you have a specific health problem, also think that the continent is at altitude and everything will be fine!
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How to find a cheap Antarctic cruise?

Traveling to Antarctica is expensive, but there are other ways to get to Antarctica cheaply: as a scientist on an expedition, as a photographer or journalist, working at La Poste in Port Lockroy (my friend Sophie has just gone on a mission, and I hope she will tell it online somewhere someday), by hitchhiking like Ludovic Hubler , leaving with the Chilean armada as a friend and this blogger , by finding a cheap Antarctic cruise at the last minute, on a cruise ship or on a sailboat.
That’s what I did four years ago and that a number of friends have been doing aboard a cruise ship or a sailboat ever since, so it’s quite possible. More and more backpackers are seizing the opportunity for a long trip to South America to get there. Concretely, the best way to find a good deal to leave at the last minute in Antarctica is to go there, in Ushuaia and go around the agencies. November and March will give you the best prices at the beginning and end of the season, but you will have less chances to see baby animals. December seems to be a good month with lots of availability and choice, especially around the holidays and the best weather and animal possibilities that the end of the season.

On the spot, by going around the agencies, you will see that all offers are quite similar. Depending on your date of arrival at Ushuaia, you will have several options, shorter or longer and more or less expensive trips, with or without stops on Islas Malvinas (Falklands) and South Georgia (South Georgia). In my time, in December 2013, there was nothing at less than $ 3,900 (the price I paid without the camping option), but the legend runs out last-minute prices at $ 2,500. It also appears that you will get a $ 500 discount if you pay in cash. You can otherwise pay with several credit cards, but still in dollars.
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Tips for Your Travel – A Brief Note

Many people enjoy travelling and will always do so at any available opportunity. Some people travel often because it is part of their job requirements. There are those who rarely travel but will gladly do so once in a while especially during vacations. When leaving your home for a night or more, it is always very important to take along with you everything you need to make yourself as comfortable as possible for the period you are away from home. Also take with you everything you need to fulfill the purpose of your travel, such as things you may need if you are on official/ business trips.

If you forget something you would have taken for your travel, it may not only frustrate you but also sour your spirit;you may even incur extra expenses because you may be forced to buy something you would otherwise not have bought. So it is important you plan ahead and decide what you need for your journey and what kind of suitcase or luggage bag will be most suitable for your journey.

What you may need for your journey and the type of travel bag you will need depends on the length of time you will be away from home and also the mode of your travel. What you may need for a business trip will be different from your needs when going for a vacation. When you have made a good mental recollection of what you need for your travel and your mode of travel (travel by air or drive yourself to your destination), you then have to decide on the type of travel bag to pack your things in. You have to choose the type of suitcase or travel/ luggage bag that will give you the greatest flexibility and allows you to travel light.

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The Relevance of Travelling

Traveling is simply a brutality of humanity, it is when we travel that we see things for what they truly are and not how we imagined them to be. Traveling also lets our imagination run wild without expectations, it lets us see things from a new perspective, without the alleged prejudice of the world. And while all of this seems to be an adequate reason to travel, many are still naïve to the idea of traveling. But just as many are left in the dark to wonder and wander, some are out there exploring and enjoying what the world has to offer them, for it is in that brief moment of youth that we can truly experience life, as we know it.

Now the question of many remains, “Why Should I Travel Young”? Personally, I can give you a hundred, even a thousand reasons why you should travel when you’re young but if you’re desire to see the world begins and ends with your “Wish to See the World” then I’m afraid no amount of reasoning would suffice to convince you to go after what you want.You see, traveling as much as it is a form of recreation is also a commitment, a vocation for some, but ultimately, it is a responsibility. A responsibility you should be willing to take onto yourself. Many people say that the young are lucky to have the health and the wealth to see the world but what they do not realize is that the young are often distracted, deceived and sometimes, deluded. The relevance of travelling can be summed up as: Traveling teaches you a sense of adventure, teaches you to be compassionate, allows you to be culturally diverse, makes you more attractive as a person, makes it easy to make friends and makes you a better storyteller.

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Fundamental Aspects of Travelling

Travel can be fun and at the same time it can also be stressful. It is always better to travel to the place that you have never gone before. Traveling has a number of benefits. Few people think that traveling is a quite stressful thing when it is overdone. This is quite true. When you travel around, you get to discover lots of places and have a good relaxation time. Some of the important benefits of traveling are discussed briefly in this article.

At first, when you travel you get to explore new places. This is one of the main benefits you get to enjoy when you travel each and every time. When you travel, explore things you are interested in. This will make your traveling experience more enjoyable and fun-filled. Bear in mind that when you explore new places you will gain consider amount of experience.

Some travels are quite relaxing. This promotes your overall health and wellness of your mind and body. It is found that traveling to new places reduces your stress levels more effectively. Your mind and body becomes fully relaxed. Every individuals need to understand the importance of relaxation of mind and body for promoting health and wellness and this can be accomplished to a greater extent by traveling. Traveling helps you to learn new cultures. By visiting new places you have never gone before, you will be able to learn various cultures. Some people consider it is a waste of time in knowing how people live, what food they eat or what job they do, but is pleasurable to know all these things.