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Because I am curious, I am ready to go anywhere in the world. Of course, I still have some preferences. We can not say that Dubai was at the top of my  list , on the contrary. I told myself that I will probably stop there one day, without really thinking about organizing a vacation. The opportunity came much earlier than expected, as I was invited by Visit Dubai for a four-day stopover in the city.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates and is the best known of them. It is also the name of its capital. They will welcome in 2020 the Universal Exhibition. Several people asked me before my departure if it did not bother me politically to go to such a country. I have never allowed my political opinions to hinder my travels. Even if the blog is not the place for such debates, I think it’s important to go somewhere to learn more about a country’s situation and judge for yourself. I am not at all an expert on the situation in the UAE and it was definitely not during a press trip that I could have a complete and clear picture of it. However, I would like with this article, to give you my raw and uncensored impressions ofmy stopover in Dubai .

To land in Dubai, stopover, on vacation or expatriation, is to set foot in another world, in a parallel universe, in his wildest dreams. I can only remember this brief stopover in Doha, Qatar, where from the windows of a bus and a hotel, I had glimpsed a world so strange, which left me perplexed. In Dubai, from the windows of the bus that brings us to the hotel, I am completely amazed by the buildings, cars and passersby parading before our eyes. Is all this real?

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