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Are you good at finding cheap flights? This site pays you to find them

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There are those who have an innate talent to find cheap flights: he manages to find every opportunity and to book real business, even if he is not a travel agent. A new site, called Farefetch , now wants to exploit these qualities, allowing hunters of low cost flights to earn and the lazy ones to rely completely on those experts in the field who have decided to join the community of Farefetch.

The application, available on Apple Store and Google Play, is easy to use: just indicate the destination and how much you intend to spend. At that point the flight hunters will come into play. They will also be able to make money if they find the best offer: if, for example, the user was planning to spend £ 400 on a direct flight from London to Los Angeles and the best opportunity is £ 370, who has found it will earn 30 pounds, or the difference. To win the loot will be the first person who can find an offer under the budget limit available to the user.

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Once the flight is found, the parties will have to accept the terms of service and at that point the hunter will be able to book the flight and receive the money, in a period of time that goes from 48 hours to the following seven days.

As the Independent states, which reported the news, there are a number of against the use of the site or application: first of all, once the conditions are accepted, the user can no longer cancel or be compensated for the flight. There may not be a range of amenities, such as seat selection, early check in, and other extras. It is reasonable to think, moreover, that more than anyone can make impossible requests. But the minds behind the app are optimistic: “This could be a problem: we now have a beta version, but we hope to solve it in the future, and we are confident that over time people will start asking for realistic tariffs”. In any case, although not perfect, the app gives the opportunity to those who love to find cheap flights to share his art and make happy not only friends, but also strangers. And with a little more money.

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