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The desert … a word carrying dreams and adventures. I had never had the opportunity to tread the sand of a desert. This dream finally came true when I took part in an excursion in the desert of Dubai . This is one of the favorite activities of tourists going to Dubai and they are right … In just 45 minutes drive, you can find yourself in the desert, so why deprive yourself during a stopover in Dubai .

After a cultural day in Old Dubai , we go on an excursion. A minivan picks us up and we leave the city. I am overwhelmed by the sight that passes in front of me. We leave little by little the big city and we find ourselves very quickly in a beginning of desert. The sand surrounds the highway, dilapidated huts appear here and there and herds of camels walk slowly with their master. Welcome to another world …

The adventure takes place in a desert reserve in Dubai established in 2003. Vintage 1950’s Land-Rover, a legacy of the country, are waiting for us. The group of forty people is far too big for my taste, but cars drive a good distance and stop at different places to let us enjoy the desert. A fence marks the entrance to the reserve. On the right, the city that can still be glimpsed. On the left, the immensity of the desert. The jeeps engage on the dunes and I can only admire the beauty of the horizon, this infinity of sand and bush. Two stops allow us to enjoy the place, to feel the sand under our feet, to descend the dunes at full speed, to jump for photos. It’s too short: I’ll stay there, lying on the sand, for several hours … Meanwhile, it’s a kind of mini-safari that we start and the jeeps rush at full speed on the dunes for a small moment of adrenaline (and sand in the eyes) very nice! We see the passage of beautiful oryx.

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