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Honeymoons 3.0 take place on “Game of Thrones” or Woody Allen movies

Weddings in The Throne of Swords are usually not very happy. Often wedding banquets are the scene of brutal murders and bloody deaths, as Robb Stark and Joffrey Baratheon well know. Many married couples, who follow the show on TV, put aside any hesitation and decide to live a honeymoon in the name of the places that characterize the fantasy series. A tendency of our times in which the young husband and wife want to share their common passions.

“Theme trips today are increasingly in demand,” says Jessica Sardella from CartOrange , the largest Italian travel consultant company. “For honeymooners, the honeymoon is not a holiday like any other: it is seen as a unique and special moment in one’s life together”. The result is very special theme itineraries, often inspired by the television and film works that build our imagination. We have selected five alternative honeymoons to get out of the box, away from the usual cruises and walks on the beaches of the Indian Ocean with a cocktail in hand.

In the footsteps of Stark, Lannister and Targaryen

Game of Thrones is a series that also conquers the places where the events of the protagonists are set. The sets of the very rich HBO production are located in different places: from Ireland to Spain, from Iceland to Malta, passing through Croatia. In the latter country, for example, Dubrovnik is found that has seen exponentially increase tourism after being chosen to be the main location of King’s Landing. A honeymoon in the places of Game of Thrones is long, but certainly rewarding. Spending a night in Grande Inverno is a very suggestive experience.

In the New York of Woody Allen

The Big Apple is an open-air set. All of his places have been immortalized in films (we think about Io and Annie or in Manhattan by Woody Allen, in Harry, I present you Sally with Meg Ryan and Billy Cristal) or from TV series with a worldwide success ( Sex and the City , for example) . Who wants to live and relive the places so much admired on the screen is spoiled for choice. We are already ready for a coffee at Central Perk so dear to the six protagonists of Friends .

Vegan honeymoon

According to the latest reports, 3% of Italians follow a vegan diet. Those involved in tourism must be prepared for every type of food requirement. “We need to plan well in advance to look for the structures that provide the right guarantees”, recommends Jessica Sardella from CartOrange. “The best destinations are the Caribbean, equipped to receive vegan customers very present in the neighboring United States, and the East, where the food is traditionally rich in plant proposals”.

Step by step

Marriage is a long journey together in which dedication and attention go hand in hand. To begin with the right foot, many couples decide to tackle their honeymoon journey. The possible destinations for a honeymoon, which makes its main feature slowness, are many: from Peru to Patagonia, from Indonesia to New Zealand. The vision of breathtaking landscapes is guaranteed. For those who stay in Italy there is the opportunity to follow the Via Francigena in Sicily or the Via degli Dei, a route that links Bologna and Florence.

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